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        1. Creating a Promising Future

          KAICHEN Electric Group will adhere to the enterprise spirit of “Unite as one to achieve our ambitious goal", with the tenet of “Create globally-renowned industrial brand by persisting scientific and technological development ". We will strive to build domestic and world brand electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises.

          About KAICHEN Electric Group

          KAICHEN Electric Group. Co., LTD is awarded as a state-level "high and new tech enterprise", "well-known trademark enterprise in China" and "national contract-abiding and credit-abiding enterprise". The high low-voltage electrical equipment, intelligent box-type substation, intelligent switch and digital IT electrical products are the leading products. We have a complete industrial chain in the fields of electrical research and development, production, power engineering installation, trade and service, including electric power, water conservancy, communications, industry, new energy, petrochemical, transportation, infrastructure and other industries. ...

          Detailed information





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          Our Advantages

          • Professional R&D Team

          • Reliable Production Facility

          • Advanced product testing

          • One-stop Service

          • Efficient Service Team